PHI Accelerator is a powerful tool. Without obliging it, a large part of the employees actively participates and changes the mindset, behavior and culture.

Have fun participating!

Actively participate.

Shows change.

PHI Accelerator...
  • Makes it easily accessible, fun and easy to participate and think along for large groups of colleagues
  • Shows collective impact
  • Translates your strategy into daily work and retrieves wishes, knowledge and experiences through direct feedback
  • Gives colleagues a sense of participation and cohesion by winning individual and team prizes and has a positive effect on employee engagement.
  • Acts as a catalyst to really integrate a new strategy.
  • Gives measurable results on KPIs such as knowledge, attitude, behavior, a sense of participation, pride and appreciation for the employer.

Follow up

Our method ensures change in 3 to 6 months. Impact lasts if we answer the why-what-how questions and if we involve the right colleagues. It is important to have an attractive launch of the tool, a follow up on the output and to make the results visible. "Fun and involvement". Depending on the goals, it can be one cycle or more cycles in several consecutive years. Thorough and visible follow-up will further increase involvement and ownership, preferably by your own colleagues. PHI provides various follow-up services to support this.

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