We have already developed various challenges together with our clients. Each challenge is tailormade and based on the sustainability objectives of the organization.

Knowledge is transferred by short quiz questions that are easy to answer. Actions are based on issues that everyone has to deal with every day. The combination of a number of game elements ensure the 'stickiness': competition within and between teams, getting direct feedback, showing the collective goal and the collective impact, being able to win individual and team prizes, being able to give and receive of poking and praising and liking each other's ideas.

CircularOffice Accelerator

The aim of CircularOffice is to make offices waste-free through smart purchasing, reducing waste and high-quality reuse of raw materials. With their broad facility knowledge, CircularOffice helps by advising on the basis of an analysis of the raw material and waste flows in the organization. Through PHI Accelerator, CircularOffice wants to give organizations insight into the concept of a circular office.

Climate Smarter Offices Challenge

Fossil free living within one generation: that is Vattenfall's ambition. As one of the largest energy suppliers of energy in Europe, Vattenfall sees sustainability as a major responsibility to which everyone can contribute. The organization sees PHI Accelerator as the tool to mobilize its employees to become more sustainable, starting with all RE&FM employees.

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